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Located in South Florida, Data Reprise is a boutique consulting firm that combines a senior level, front-office mentality with advanced technologies to create "best in class" reporting, workflows and analytics for small to mid-sized businesses, including startups. All work is performed in the United States by a team of professionals dedicated to providing top-quality accounting and advisory services to all of our clients.

who we serve

While Data Reprise remains industry agnostic we have significant experience in the following industries:
Financial Services
Real Estate
Private Equity
Family Office
Regardless of industry our main focus remains providing the highest quality product and optimal value to all clients.

We take it seriously and take pride in all work performed.

Reduce Costs

Our professionals will reduce overhead expenses including: employer taxes, recruiter fees, health/retirement benefits and technology costs. Also reduced will be time spent dealing with staffing and staffing issues.

Experience the Experience!

We will provide access to the latest technology and financial tools, as well as a team of experienced accounting professionals. Leveraging this enables a small business to enjoy the same level of expertise generally seen at larger companies.

Improved Financial Management

We introduce an experienced, independent and objective point of view to resolve complex financial and organizational issues, always in a timely and professional manner. By providing strategic financial planning and analysis we can identify areas to cut costs and, improve efficiencies and maximize profits.

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"Adam operates like a forensic accountant searching for best practices across workflows, accounting and operations. He makes complex issues appear simple and strives to get everyone around him excited. He's also one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Some people go the extra yard, Adam goes the extra mile and then some and is always telling staff - if you can think it, it can  happen."

Jon L.


"Adam helped tackle our biggest accounting issues. He is the best! We've used his services for the last three years and will continue to outsource financial accounting and analysis work to him. I would also like to say thank you to him for all his great work."

John F.

J.P. Morgan

"I had the pleasure of working with Adam at two financial firms in South Florida. Adam is one of the hardest working, most dedicated professionals that I have ever worked with. He is also honest and trustworthy and I hope we have a chance to work together again in the future."

Ralph S.

Riverloft Capital

"Very easy to work with. Adam really helped to increase our productivity by helping to eliminate erroneous financial charges to our company. I recommend him and his services without any reservations."

Mike G.

J.P. Morgan

"I love Adam. He has helped us to streamline our internal factory workflows. Additionally, he has allowed us to resolve some complex organizational and financial matters. Highly recommend Adam all-around."

Tom M.

J.P. Morgan

"Not only are we the best at what we do, we are the only ones that do it."

Our Services

Type 1
Perform accrual or cash-based bookkeeping and accounting.
Preparation and distribution of “user-friendly” budgets, forecasts & reports.
Cash & treasury management.
Formalize monthly close processes and procedures.
Non-salary related expense analysis and reduction.
Maintain critical business continuity in times of rapid change due to growth or turnover.
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Type 2
Historical clean up.
Establish effective KPIs to benchmark productivity.
Implement technology strategy - internal software, BYOD, data visualization, "cloud-based solutions," and more.
Document and incorporate scalable “best practices” across workflows.
Develop key 3rd party relationships: tax prepares, auditors, bankers, lawyers and other key relationships.
Due Diligence and data room preparation and assistance.
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How It Works

Step 1: The Intro

You tell us about your business as it currently exists.  Where is the business today and where are you looking to go?  We like to know everything that makes up the business environment you are navigating – inside and out.

Step 2: The Workflow & IT/Security

What processes are currently in place that you feel great about?  What processes need a little work?  What software are you currently using or looking to deploy?  At this time we also like to include a discussion around security, something we take with the highest level of seriousness.

Step 3: The Plan Development

In this step we develop a timeline and list of deliverables for us to provide to you. Included in the plan is the types of reports or projects we will provide, how we will provide them and when.  

Step 4: The Review

Well prepared financial statements on their own are nice to have, but we find the value add and most significant part of having them is the strategy discussions and analytics that can be performed around them.

Step 5: The Data Visualization

With proper accounting, workflows and internal control combined with a deep understanding of your strategic goals we can being to develop a dashboard for continuous monitoring of your business and related KPIs.

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